Friday, March 4, 2011

One of a Kind

What a long week it has been. The kids are over-tired and crabby, I'm tired and will be crabby if the kids don't stop fighting!
My therapy...a card and my cricut. What great therapy right :)
So I have a question to put out there for all of my readers...If you like to enter challenges, how do you choose what ones to enter? Every time  I blog hop I find another challenge and then another challenge. I read on someones blog they had a sidebar list of the challenges they follow and what day a new one came out...I really need to do that. I love making cards for challenges but I have a hard time getting them all straight. I have a notebook I keep track of the challenges in and the ones I enter but there has to be an easier way...right? Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated :)
On to my card. I made this for 2 challenges:
365 Cards: Day 4- One of a Kind
M.A.G Challenge by the Page: Pooh and Friends Cart Page 43

What do you think?
I hit 100 followers yesterday! How exciting it is for me. When I started this blog I never thought people would want to see my cards let alone follow my progress. I'm thinking I should do a 150 follower giveaway. What do you think? Any ideas on some good blog candy giveaway prizes?

Thanks for visiting..Until tomorrow.....


  1. Super cute!! And a one of a kind original idea!! You are so creative!!:) TFS!!Jennifer

  2. Jess!! That would be great if you could email it to me!! Jennifer (

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  4. Wow, I really like what you did with the challenge, It's always fun to see what crafters come up with, with our challenge since your so limited with the images and you did a Fabulous job! Thanks so much for joining M.A.G. Challenges!

  5. This is such a cool card I love how you put the apple in the slit. Thanks for playing with us this week at MAG

  6. congrats on your 100.hope you soon reach those 150 followers.the one of kind card so cute.thanks for playing with us at M.A.G

  7. Wow, u did a super job! Love ur card:) Thanks for playing with us @ MAG!

  8. So cute.. great idea.. you did great..

    You could keep the challenges on your right side bar by days.. your mondays, tuesday... and check them and see if you want to play.. thats how I used to do it.. and eventually your fine the challenges or blog you like better. Hope this help.

    Do you know this blog.. The daily dare.. this is the link you could find all the blogs by day that has a challenge..

    Thanks for playing this week with us at MAG..

    IVette-GD for MAG

  9. This is a adorable and a perfect fit for the 365 Cards challenge!

  10. Very cute card!! I like your originality!! :)

    There are a few challenges that I love to do as often as I can, but there are many that I like to enter from time-to-time -- I try to choose the ones that help me finish a project I need to finish anyway OR that challenge me to think outside the box...

    I keep a chart in my notebook with all the challenges for each day (by due date) -- then add the details of the challenge for the week -- Each month, I start a new chart. It's not the best system, but it's my system, so it works for me -- Let us all know when you figure out your plan!! :)

    Congrats on 100+ followers -- I'm sure you'll reach 150 in no time -- With or without a giveaway... :)

    Amy :) at
    scrapbookingwithamy (at) gmail (dot) com