Monday, March 28, 2011

My 100th Post!! A Pokeball...Bottle Swap Goodies...Chicken Cake Pops

WOW! What a heading..right?!?!
I am so excited to say this is my 100th post! Such a big accomplishment for me especially since I was very hesitant about even starting a blog and sharing my projects with all to see. I am so glad I have and these last 3 months have been totally awesome for me. I have made some great blogging buddies...gotten tons of feedback and have learned so much and even got onto a DT. WHOO!!
I have a bunch to share today. 1st off is from my bottle swap. I have gotten 1 of the 2 bottles back and this one came on Saturday
Look at all this yummy stuff that came. I had so much fun filling my bottles and shipping it out and the even better part is receiving   bottles back with goodies. I definitely want to do this again. It is a great way to get rid of items you have and maybe will not use and get new stuff you could use! When my other bottle comes I will post its contents up. So excited to see what is in there :)

Next is my Pokemon Master Ball  birthday card I made for my son's birthday party. Unfortunately there is not a cartridge with Pokemon guys so this is what I came up with. My son told me that this Pokemon Poke ball is the best or the "Master" and this is what his friend would like. 

Little did I know it would be such a HUGE hit. He wouldn't let anyone touch it. So cute and it makes me feel AWESOME that he loved it so much! I put a pocket inside to hold the gift card and I have to be honest...I really like the way it came out!

Lastly are the cake pops I made on Sunday. OMG! How much fun were these! I do have to say that I went out and purchased the book and had to try it out. What design was the 1st must try? My chickens of course. So here are my 1st attempt. I know what to do differently next time but all in all they came out super cute. My boys each took one to school for lunch and they sampled on at home and the rest went with my husband to work. He said they were gone within minutes! I am going to be making these again for Easter and for the boys classroom treats. Probably eggs but maybe chicks. We will see but I will post them again.
They were super easy to make and I recommend  anyone to give it a try. I will be more than glad to pass on my learning experience with whoever is interested.

SO there you have it. My weekend condensed. I didn't post my card or the pops because of the blog hop and I don't know how to keep a post at the top when you post again so this is my catch-up. And for those of you who question me about my chickens here is a picture of one of my pretty girls hanging out, and my youngest with another girl.

Have a great night and I will be back tomorrow!


  1. So much to ask, I don't know where to start...first of all what is a bottle swap? (I hate asking questions like this because I'm just showing how much "out of the loop" I am, but how else am I going to learn, right?) Secondly, tell me all you can about the cake pops. I'm planning on getting sucker sticks this week & hope to make my first batch this weekend. What recipe did you use? Thanks.

  2. Great job on both of your projects. I would love to know how you made the cake pops? if you dont mind sharing the recipe =). wow the bottle swap sounds like fun!! you gor some great stuff.

  3. I made cake pops last week, they tasted great, but weren't as cute as yours! I know how you feel about playing catch up after a blog hop. I was in my first this weekend. I'll have to go back and look for yours!

  4. Love the cake pops! I made them last week too! Yours are adorable. Must be a worldwide cake pop kinda week. Congrats on all those postings!

  5. Congrats on your 100th post! You're a crafty inspiration!

  6. Wow! So much interesitng stuff going on. I love those chicken pops. Super cute! The bottle swap sounds like a neat idea. I need to find out more. I think I would like to try to. And lastly, birthday cards are always fun to make!


  7. Oh my these are stinking ADORABLE! I love the pictures of the chickens! My husband and son want them sooo bad... they are NOT allowed to come to your site! LOL. They would be like see, she has them! LOL.