Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hockey Puck Birthday Card

Hi happy bloggers!
It's the weekend and unfortunately I am still feeling under the weather...this silly head cold has really knocked me for a loop. I am feeling better than 2 days ago so hopefully tomorrow I will feel even better.
I have to because my youngest has a birthday party tomorrow and they are having a place called Nickle City Reptiles come and put on an animal show. I have attached their website here if anyone is interested in checking out this very cool group and show. They are VERY popular around our area and have even appeared on some popular TV shows. I have yet to see them and I am so excited for the chance to see them tomorrow. My son has also informed me they will be at his birthday party in June..only time will tell :)
Anyways here is the birthday card I made. The birthday boy plays hockey, just recently finishing his season and since I just got the Sports Mania Cartridge I thought I would give it a try.

I started out by welding two hockey pucks to make the card base. Remember one puck has to be flipped upside down so the card closes right. I cut it at 4" which is a perfect size, especially for an 8 year old to write inside his birthday message.
Once I assembled the hockey puck cut I slightly doodled around the name...which is from Cuttin Up.
I have a hard time trying to figure out what font to use and from what cart to grab it from...there are just too many cute and useful ones :)
To give the puck some "pop" I attached it to the card base with some foam dots.
I really like the way this simple card came out! And of course had the make the colors Sabres colors--gold and blue for the birthday boy's and ours favorite hockey team!

Hope you like this card....
I will be back later with some exciting news hopefully tonight if not tomorrow :)
Until then......


  1. this is really adorable. Great job

  2. Really great card!!! Enjoy your party, I hope you are feeling 100%. Cathryn67 :)

  3. Jess, love your card. So cute:)

  4. Very nice card! You know my son’s 7th birthday was in last month and we hosted the Frozen themed party at one of the New York venues. I made very pretty pinterest inspired Frozen invitation cards. Everyone loved them a lot. I will surely be sharing some of the photos on my weblog.