Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 Stylish Blogger Awards :)

Morning Everyone! Happy Saturday! I woke up today to find out I was awarded 2 Stylish Blogger Awards. The first one came from OmaGloria over at Oma's Crafts and the second one came from Rebecca at Crafting Misfits. Please go check out these very talented ladies!
So to accept this award I need to pass it along to 8  other Stylish blogs and list 8 things about myself that others may not know. Does that mean I need to come up with 16 things about myself? LOL..I have a hard time coming up with 8.

So here is goes:

1. Crafting is now my outlet. I love creating and sharing.
2. Sometime my mind goes blank and I cant come up with anything for a project...does that happen to you?
3.I am a bargain shopper. I dont like to pay full price for anything!
4.I spend alot of time volunteering at my boys school. I love it and they love seeing me there. Plus I get to know all their friends and their teachers better :)
5.My husband and I met on Valentine's Day... cute right!?!?
6. There just isnt anything on TV anymore worth I dont watch!
7. I have 13 laying chickens...they are our pets..and we hope to get more this summer!
8. Country living is the best!
9. I love to garden! Last year we had a BIG garden..this year it is going to be BIGGER!! Yahoo :)
10.I dont like tomatoes but I love ketchup & salsa..go figure
11. I spend alot of time on the hopping
12. I am a SAHM to two boys...they are my life!
13. My husband is so very supportive of my hobby.
14. I am the oldest of 3 girls.
15. I love to camp!
16. AND....I love hearing what people have to say about my projects....good and bad (I have never had someone say something bad). Please leave me comments. I love them!

 Thanks again to OmaGloria and Rebecca for this award!
Here is where I am sending this award..These very talented ladies deserve it! Go check them out!

1.Katieo @
2.Liz @
3.Patty @
5.Darlene @
6.Stacy @
7.Carolyn @
8.Lisa @
9.Brigit @
11.Nadia @
13.Dana @
15.Carina @
16.Andrea @


  1. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you again.

  2. So honoured, thanks for the award! Thanks you! Im now a follower of your blog, I love your creations!

  3. Thank you so much Jessica, I'm very honored and you blog is just wonderful, love your work!!!

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  5. Thanks so much, Jessica! Soooo sweet! Have a great day!


  6. Jessica thank you for the blog award I love your site, I may not comment often but I hop by almost every day!

  7. Thank you Jessica for the award. Love your blog.

  8. Hi, Jessica! Thanks for the award! I'm relatively new to blogging and hope to be posting many more projects in the future. Love your blog!