Thursday, January 13, 2011

So here is the inspiration for my card today. To make a long story short I received a gift card to one of the nicest boutique stores in my area The Perfect Gift/ Get Heeled. Both stores being owned by a wonderfully sweet lady with a GREAT sense of style. So I usually go into the store when they have their Vera sales/new pattern releases, or when I need the "perfect gift". I went into the store looking for a new purse but totally fell in love with these shoes. Now since you dont know me or my style...I am a jeans, sweatshirt/sweatpants to dress up but do so very infrequently so my dress-up clothes lack. When I told my husband about these "so not me" but totally cute shoes he told me to get them. One of the ladies in the store said get them and wear them with jeans and a sweater. My girlfriend said get them..who cares if they aren't your style they will be fun to wear even if just once. So I got them! My husband is taking me out for dinner tomorrow and I'm wearing my new "so not me" shoes. :)


  1. That's an adorable card! Enjoy your new shoes.

  2. Ok I like the card-it's beautiful! But I LOVE the shoes!!! They are HOTT.If you ever get sick of them, I'll be happy to take them off your hands (or would that be feet?) I hope you had fun wearing them out-maybe they'll help you discover a "new" you? Oh, and I love your blog!