Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drinks on Me

So my husband took me out to dinner on Friday night and I had the most yummy martini- A Lemon Drop. I have had them many times at this restaurant but for whatever reason the one I had on Friday was the best! My inspiration for today's card. I hope you like it :)
So for my bargain of the day...Michael's has been running a clearance sale on cricut cartridges for $9.99. Needless to say I have spent not alot of money to add to my library but for that price how could you go wrong. Today I happened to go into Michael's and they put new cartridges on Clearance....Nursery Rhymes and Preserves. I haven't decided what I will create with them but I couldn't pass them up.

1 comment:

  1. Great card - the paper you used for the martini glasses makes them look real. Nice job! And what great deals on the cartridges. I lucked out too and was able to pick up 5 of them!! Wish they'd do that again.