Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Passing the Purple Torch! (2nd post)

Hi Everyone!
This is my 2nd post for today~
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It is time for me to pass the Purple Amber Ink Torch
I have had a blast designing for Amber Ink this past month with amazing hosts and a super creative bunch of ladies.....

But now the Purple Torch is going to....

The other torches are being passed on as well....
From Meredith Winston @ http://www.papercanteen.com/
From Kirsi Kirjavainen aka Pipertäjä @ http://pipertaja.blogspot.com/

I am so very excited to see what this bunch of creative ladies have in store for us!!
Congrats to the new Torch Bearers!


  1. Ah Jessica,

    We'll miss you! You've carried that torch with perfect form. Don't run too far though - we're plumping up pillows for you in "the house"!

  2. Thanks so much Jessica for this wonderful opportunity in entrusting me to carry the purple torch so proudly for December... I will not fail you.... I really didn't take it seriously until everything sunked in this morning... I have it posted on my blog.....
    hugs to you!

  3. Nice post I'll need to check out the new torch bearers.
    DIANA L.