Sunday, May 15, 2011

There is a New Addition to Our Family

Good Afternoon Bloggers! I want to introduce you all to the newest member of your family!
This pretty boy..who's name is undecided right now is brand new to our coop.
My husband went and picked him up from a good friend of ours who recently bought some chicks. He had wanted Hens only and in the mix was this rooster. He is only 5 months old yet he is as big as our girls already.
We have him separated from the girls right now but still in the same coop so they can see one another yet can not get to each other. We will wait a few days and then mix him in with the girls.

 He was so funny when I was trying to take some pictures. It was almost like he was posing for me.
He is so much prettier in person than the pictures show. And look at his cute tail feathers. I hope they grow nice and big and fluffy!
He does not look like a baby yet he still is and when he crows it sounds like he is going through puberty. LOL! He will get that down in no time I am sure.
After watching him watch the girls and them watch him I am hoping that we have an easy introduction.
That is all I have for now...
I do have a card I made and will be posting that up next
Have a great rest of your weekend :)

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