Friday, May 13, 2011

I Scream..You Scream..We all Scream for Ice Cream---Cake Pops That Is :)

Hi Bloggers!
It is State Testing for the 4th grader this week and my son's teacher asked the room parents to sign up for one day to bring in a snack for the kids after they take their test.
Today was my day and I could have brought in cupcakes or brownies or cookies but I thought BORING! Why not make some more cake pops!
I had my son look through the Bakarella's book and pick out the cake pops he liked. He picked the ice cream cones.
So that I what I made.
I do have to pat myself on the back and say these came out AWESOME!
The kids in the class LOVED them, they teachers went goo-goo over them and I had wished I made 100 to give out to everyone of the teachers...sorry guys I only made 32 and 21 were accounted for.
We did give the extra's to my boy's favorite teachers this year and last year :)

I wrapped each one individually so there were no germ passing while they sat in class waiting to be eaten

The cake I used was yellow cake from Aldi's and Duncan Hines chocolate frosting.
Pink and dark chocolate wafers and m&m's for the cherries

They were such a HUGE hit!! I love how they came out and had a number of teachers ask me how to do them :)

The weather is beautiful outside today and I want to head back out. I just planted 30 strawberry plants and my sugar snap peas are starting to sprout...Love this time of year!
Off to go work on the garden some more.
Have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow


  1. Hey "Miss" Jessica,
    These are fantastic. You better be careful making such great treats, you're going to be bombarded by requests for more... LOTS more!

  2. Well Jessica, All I can say is
    SUPER ADORABLE! I know the kids loved them and yes, I know all the teachers loved them too. If a parent of a child in my class made these, I would flip out!!! I do believe these are these cutest I have seen. Love them.

  3. Jessica~ the only thing i can say is my son will need your number! LOL. These turned out so darn CUTE! I can see why these turned out to be a HUGE success! Maybe you could adopt me! You are way to creative girl and now you are off to garden! LOVE it!

  4. What a lucky classroom! You are such a creative mom!

  5. I love cupcakes, but these are super cute. Be sure to check out mine at our Bake Sale Hop.


    P.S. Send me the directions so I can try these!

  6. Jess these are amazing. It is so nice to be crafty, just adds the little extra. I can see why the class and the teachers loved them. Can you PLEASE send me an e-mail with instructions or where I can find them???