Monday, April 11, 2011

Sick kiddo at home and a Disney Mini

Wow what a Monday! I have a sick kiddo home with strep again and after all day of laying low we went to the doctors to get the official diagnosis and an antibiotic to hopefully knock this out of his system for good! I feel so bad for him, he is hurting and all I can hope for is the medicine to start working and for him to start feeling better.

I was able to be crafty today and I have been working on a mini file folder album for friends of ours who are vacationing in Florida for Easter break.
Here is the front of both albums. Yes they are the same but with each boy's name. I even put some hidden mickeys around....can you find them ??? I used glossy accents in the names to make some mickey ears. Cute huh?

There are 6 pages in this album and I have 2 more to decorate. My girlfriend is helping me also on this so I will complete my part and hopefully pass it along tomorrow to her. I will post other pictures tomorrow...I am so tired tonight.

Have a Great night and see you all tomorrow.


  1. Jess your minis are adorable and I can't wait to see them finished! I am sorry to hear that your little guy is not feeling well. The antibiotics usually work very quickly with strep, and his throat should be feeling better within 24 hours after taking the meds.Hang in there hun:) Hugs, Stephanie

  2. These are adorable! I do want to see more of these. The little Mickey ears is such a cute touch.
    Hope your little guy gets well soon & that none of the rest of the family catches it.

  3. Cute!! hope the lil guy feels better soon

  4. You are so generous! These are adorable!! may have to remember this when we hit Disneyland in the next couple of years!!