Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Teacher Gifts

Here is a quick post today...I found these plastic containers at Michael's and thought these would be really cute for teacher's gifts. I filled them with candy and decorated the outside with K&Company Valentine's Day paper. The chipboard stickers are Martha Stewart Holidays. I found they didn't stick very well so I had to use my ATG to get them to stick better. Does anyone else ever have that problem and if so what do you use? Or do you eliminate the problem all together and add adhesive of your own before you even stick them down? My only problem is im not sure what to put on the lid. Good thing Valentine's Day isnt until Monday...I still have time :)
Thanks for taking the time to look.


  1. love these boxes. I am sure they will love them. No suggestions have not used them

  2. Hi Jessica, I always have a problem with my chipboard stickers, but I always thought it was because I had them for a while, but then I bought new ones, and they didn't stick either. I would put like one of those wooden balls on top, like a knob. If you have some of those, and painted them, or something like that? I don't know nut it was a thought. Please show us what you decide to do, whatever you do it will be fabulous!!! Karen<3